Funko Pops are popular collectible items, with their oversized heads and dark black eyes capturing the attention of collectors around the world. These little figurines depict a variety of characters, including pop culture icons, famous athletes, and more. While the most common Funko Pops are inexpensive to procure, selling for around $12 a pop, there are some rare and expensive Funko Pops that make for an excellent investment opportunity for the collector-investor.

Funko Pop

Among the rarest and most expensive Funko Pops are those depicting Freddy Funko, the popular Funko Pop mascot. He dresses up as a variety of different characters, and he tends to be quite in demand with collectors. But there are other popular Funko Pops that are worth noting. Read on as we discuss the rarest and most expensive Funko Pops in existence and their current market value.

Funko Pop Collection

10 Most Expensive Funko Pop Figures

Are Funko Pops worth money? There are many limited edition Funko Pops available that fetch a pretty penny on the secondary market. Read on as we explore ten of the most expensive Funko Pop figures of all time – and their estimated value.

Freddy Funko as Freddy Krueger

The original run of this Funko Pop, which featured Freddy Funko as the serial slasher Freddy Krueger, was a limited edition run of just 48 units produced exclusively for the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con. Today, it is worth $6,060.

Frankenberry Freddy Funko (Glow in the Dark)

This glow in the dark version of Freddy Funko as the popular cereal character is popular with collectors. The Funko Pop is worth around $6,400.

Dumbo (Clown Paint)

This 2013 San Diego Comic Con exclusive Funko Pop had only 48 units produced around the world. The estimated value of this pop is around $6,350.

Black Ranger Freddy Funko

This limited edition pop of Freddy Funko dressed as the Black Power Ranger had just 24 units produced. Today, this rare and expensive Funko Pop is worth around $6,950.

Freddy Funko as Deathstroke (Glow in the Dark)

This rare Funko Pop had just 24 units produced. It was a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive in 2015, and today it is worth around $7,690.

The Thing (Metallic with Black Eyes)

This Funko Pop is based on a Marvel character called “The Thing.” Another San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, this piece is worth around $7,950 today.

Freddy Funko as The Joker (Glow in the Dark)

This glow in the dark Funko Pop features Freddy Funko as “The Joker” from The Dark Knight. It was released as a limited edition pop in 2014 for San Diego Comic-Con, and just 24 were produced. It is worth around $9,920 today.

Boba Fett Freddy Funko (Red Hair)

This 2014 San Diego Comic-Con release features Freddy Funko as the Star Wars bounty hunter, Boba Fett. This pop is worth around $11,390 today.

Freddy Funko as Venom

This 2019 Comic-Con exclusive pop had only 24 units produced. This expensive Funko Pop is widely considered a holy grail pop among collectors, and it is worth around $19,090.

Alex DeLarge Clockwork Orange (Glow in the Dark Chase)

This is considered by many to be the rarest and most expensive Funko Pop figure of all time, worth around $25,470 today.

Funko Pop Princess Leia

10 Rarest Funko Pop Figures

Some Funko Pops are scarcer than others! Many limited edition Funko Pops are now cited among the rarest pops in existence – and many of them have a high value as well! Read on as we explore 10 of the rarest Funko Pop figures and their value today.

Mickey Mouse (Metallic)

This silver Funko Pop is a variant of the Mickey Mouse pop, and it has a rarity of 1 in 480 pieces. This version was released as part of Funko’s line of Comic-Con exclusives back in 2011. This vinyl figure is now worth $1,130.

Superman (Metallic Chase)

This metallic DC Superman Pop was released in 2010 as a Target exclusive, and it had a bobble-head, which made it even more popular with Funko collectors. Today this pop is worth $3,700.

Stranger Things – Hopper (Gold)

This gold variant of Hopper, the popular character from Stranger Things, was released in 2018 as part of Funko’s Comic-Con events. This was a limited release with only 40 pieces. Today, the pop is worth $4,110.

Chocula Freddy Funko (Metallic)

Freddy Funko is the mascot of Funko Pop, and this shiny variant features Freddy as Chocula. This was exclusively released at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con, and today this vinyl figure is worth around $5,000.

Boo Berry (Glow in the Dark Chase)

This glow in the dark Boo Berry pop is worth around $5,570.

Silver Batman

This metallic version of the Batman Funko Pop is one of the most difficult figures to add to your collection. These pops were never sold in stores, but rather were given to Hot Topic employees who were top performers. This pop is worth around $1,600.

Star Wars – Holographic Darth Maul

Another release in the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, this holographic Darth Maul is a 1 in 480 pop. Today, it is worth around $7,000.

Stan Lee (Superhero)(Red Metallic)

Stan Lee sadly passed away in November of 2018, and there have been multiple Funko Pop releases of Stan Lee in his memory. This version only has 12 in existence, and it is worth around $8,000.

Count Chocula Freddy Funko (Glow in the Dark)

This Funko Pop was released for 2011’s San Diego Comic-Con and it glows in the dark. This Freddy Funko pop has a rarity of 1 in 12, and it is worth around $10,000.

Game of Thrones – Jaime Lannister Freddy Funko (Bloody)

This rare Funko Pop features a Freddy Funko as Jaime Lannister, a popular character from Game of Thrones. This pop is worth around $11,680.

Funko Pop


What is the most expensive Funko Pop in the world?

The most expensive Funko Pop in the world is the Alex DeLarge Clockwork Orange (Glow in the Dark). In 2022, this pop sold for $32,436, while the non-glow in the dark version sold for $35,000. The high price is due to the fact that these rare pops were never retailed due to copyright battles.

How can you tell if a Funko Pop is rare?

The best way to determine if a particular figure is rare is to research the pop online. You’ll be able to learn more about that pop, as well as see what it has been selling for on auction sites such as eBay.

Where can I buy rare Funko Pops?

Rare Funko Pops are often sold at auction. You can search online to find auction sites that sell Funko Pops! Try eBay, Amazon, or even Heritage Auctions.

What is the value of Funko Pops in 2023?

While most Funko Pops are relatively inexpensive to procure, the rarest and most popular Funko Pops can sell for thousands of dollars. It depends on demand, as well as how many of them were produced. Limited edition Funko Pops tend to fetch the highest prices.

Batman Funko Pop


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