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We got your back so you can do superhero stuff

Assembling your collection is half the fun. We provide coverage that stretches to meet your needs.

Covering all your bases

So you can focus on the next home run. With a roster of dedicated professionals we provide the protection you deserve.

From the dilettante to the professional curator

For one of a kind collections. And one of a kind collectors.

Protection for what defends you

A trusted partner since 1966. Flexible coverage as your collection grows.

From advertising collectibles to Zippo lighters

From moondust to beer cans, if you collect it chances are we protect it.
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The coverage is out of this world

From moon dust to beer cans, if you collect it chances are we can help protect it.
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Protecting collectibles for more than 50 years

If you collect it, we can help protect it

The fact is, most people don’t think about insurance until they need it. And while homeowners insurance is okay for everyday, easily replaced personal property, it usually doesn’t go far enough to cover those prized possessions you may have spent a lifetime collecting.

Like most collectors, we’re specialists. Providing collectible insurance is all we do. So, we’re able to passionately focus on servicing the needs of collectors like you. In fact, we never stop thinking of better ways to serve you.

Typically, if you can collect it, we can help insure it. And we’ve been providing a full range of protection for collections of all kinds for more than 50 years. So, protect your investment in minutes with no fuss, affordable coverage and get back to what you enjoy doing most – finding that next prized collectible to add to your collection.
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