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    Calls alarm company or police (location away from premises which is continually monitored)


    Weighs at least 300 lbs. empty, no wheels, with a combination, digital or key lock.


    Has 3-inch walls, no windows and metal doors.



    Only Signature Required shipments will be eligible for Temporary Excess Coverage.

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    $25,000 Limit for Signature Required Shipment (Registered or Express Mail) - Class 3; $2,000 Limit for Signature Required Shipment (Insured Mail, Certified Mail and Signature Confirmation Mail) - Class 5; $400 Limit for No Signature Required Shipment (Other Covered Mailings) - Class 6.

    Please note that no coverage will be bound and no changes made on any policy without a written "Confirmation of Insurance", Binder, Endorsement or Reinstatement from Collectibles Insurance Services. Coverage cannot be assumed if you do not receive one of the aforementioned notices.