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Where to go for an expert opinion

Value My Stuff

A collection—to the collector—is priceless. We understand that, but in the world of insurance, every collection has a value. If you want to get a valuation of your collection, we can help. Listed below are resources many collectors find helpful in establishing a value from individual items to entire collections.

Value My Stuff™ is an online appraisal company that has a team of experts, all of whom have worked for Sotheby’s, Christie’s or other leading auction houses. The company has specialists in more than 40 collecting categories. After you upload photographs and details of your item, Value My Stuff experts will email you within 48 hours a PDF report and online certificate detailing your item’s history and value.

Comic Book Collectors. Metropolis Collectibles offers a free appraisal service  provided by nationally recognized experts in comic book evaluation. The retail value of your comic book is based on desirability, relative scarcity, and historical significance.

For comic book grading, Certified Guaranty Company® (CGC®) is a leading third-party grading service. Employing a team of 20+ professional graders, multiple experts will examine each collectible and assign a grade according to a well-established and internationally accepted standard. They offer free or paid annual memberships with many benefits. Check out what CGC membership has to offer.

Stamp Collectors. A good starting point is our former owner, Dan Walker, winner of the American Philatelic Society’s Champion of Champions Award and signatory of The Roll of Distinguished Philatelists. While not a certified appraiser, Dan knows the value of stamps and is a recognized expert in the field. If he is not familiar with your particular area of stamps, he knows who is and will direct you to that source. You can reach him at danforthwalker@comcast.net.