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Collection of Fenton Art Glass Is Full of Colorful and Unique Pieces
It all started in 1996, when Ellen Stohler and her husband were living in a small town in New Jersey. The last to get cable, they were excited to explore the various channels when they came across the shopping channel QVC. Bill Fenton of Fenton...
Read More June 22, 2021
Collector Takes the Thrill of Opening Vintage Sports Cards Packs to a New Level
Like many children, Charlie Parrino started collecting cards of his favorite sports players when he was about 8 years old. “It was a pastime that was really popular all through the 70s,” says Charlie. As he got older and discovered...
Read More June 16, 2021
Top 7 Collectible Toys That Are Worth Insuring
Did you know that toys are one of the most popular collectible items? Collectors are acquiring (and insuring) modern and vintage toys of all kinds. We can certainly understand the appeal! For many, toys can bring a nostalgic connection to...
Read More June 07, 2021
This Collector Has a Room Full of Hot Wheels Cars
Jerry Thompson first played with the original Hot Wheels cars from 1968 when he was just six years old. In seventh grade, Jerry would take his paper route money and head to the local Sears store during his lunch time to see what new Hot Wheels...
Read More June 04, 2021
Collection Includes Over 11,000 Comics and Incredible KISS Merchandise
Like many collectors, Joe B. got his start at a young age, collecting baseball cards, coins, newspapers of special events, and the occasional comic book from the store racks. “My mom used to give me silver coins that she would find as change...
Read More June 03, 2021
Reds Memorabilia Collector Focuses on Unique and Hard-to-Find Items
Jeff Cox got his start collecting baseball cards around 1987. He soon branched out and began collecting old programs and yearbooks. “The older I got, I started gravitating toward things I liked the most,” he shares. Being a Cincinnati...
Read More June 01, 2021