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This Funko Pops Collector Has Turned a Favorite Hobby into a Living
Steve Yuan’s interest in Funko Pops started small. It all began when he walked into a comic store one day and saw a Game of Thrones Funko Pop of John Snow. It caught his attention, so he decided to purchase this one item.
Read More March 22, 2021
Sailor Moon Fan’s Collection Has Grown Over the Years
A few years back, we shared the story of a woman with a sparkly, shiny collection of Sailor Moon merchandise. The...
Read More March 08, 2021
Comic Books: From a Childhood Collection to Tips for Selling
Joe Arciaga has been passionate about comics since he was a child. It all started when he was young and his family was living in Germany because his father – who was in the Air Force - was stationed there. His father would go to the...
Read More February 09, 2021
Collector Works to Preserve Items from the Prehistoric Southwest
Like many people, Jim Owens has considered himself a collector since childhood – his earliest collections involving coins and baseball cards. As an adult, he developed an interest in an entirely different type of collection. When building...
Read More January 18, 2021
Blue Willow China: A Collection With a Storied Past
An ancient Chinese legend about an eloping couple that is transformed into a pair of doves is told in the pattern of a piece of Blue Willow China, a porcelain pattern that dates back to the 18th century. Though widely-known for its blue...
Read More December 11, 2020
Can You Hear the Turkey Call?
Many may not realize that making a turkey call is a truly American folk art. Wild turkeys are native to only North America, and hunting them requires a special device called a turkey call, which creates a sound that attracts them.
Read More November 10, 2020