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Founded by collectors for collectors, your stories are our stories.
Collector Works to Preserve Items from the Prehistoric Southwest
Like many people, Jim Owens has considered himself a collector since childhood – his earliest collections involving coins and baseball cards. As an adult, he developed an interest in an entirely different type of collection. When building...
Read More January 18, 2021
Blue Willow China: A Collection With a Storied Past
An ancient Chinese legend about an eloping couple that is transformed into a pair of doves is told in the pattern of a piece of Blue Willow China, a porcelain pattern that dates back to the 18th century. Though widely-known for its blue...
Read More December 11, 2020
Can You Hear the Turkey Call?
Many may not realize that making a turkey call is a truly American folk art. Wild turkeys are native to only North America, and hunting them requires a special device called a turkey call, which creates a sound that attracts them.
Read More November 10, 2020
A Collector of Collections: Arcade Games, Coca Cola, Big Bird, and More!
Randy Feldman has always considered himself a collector. As a child he enjoyed accumulating items such as stamps and coins. While he definitely caught the bug early, it wasn’t until a much later – when he moved out of his parents'...
Read More November 06, 2020
Ceramic Artist Is the Proud Owner of an Eclectic Collection of Art
Karen Koblitz is both an artist and an art collector. She graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1976 and has been working as an artist ever since. Her own art is mainly ceramic work that’s inspired...
Read More November 03, 2020
A Collection of Updates: A Guided Tour of Our New Website
If you frequently use our website, you may have noticed some changes around here – and we hope you like them! We are still the same great company, and our values remain the same, but we’ve got a new look plus some new functionality...
Read More October 06, 2020