Teddy bears provide timeless comfort to both children and adults alike! These cute companions have been around for a long time, and teddy bears both new and old are still bringing delight to people of all ages. These cuddly creatures have a storied past, and in today’s world they are a popular collectible item.

Collectors enjoy amassing both new and antique bears from a variety of known teddy bear brands. Join us as we discover the unique world of teddy bears, exploring popular teddy bear museums, discovering the top brands of vintage bears, and uncovering our best tips for collecting these classic furry friends.

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Collecting: Tips and Tricks

Are you interested in starting a collecting of loveable and adorable teddy bear? Here are some considerations to help you kickstart your collection!

Decide what bears to collect

The first step in becoming a teddy bear collector is determining the scope of your collection. How will you decide which bears to collect? You can collect bears by manufacture, by age, for sentimental reasons, or you can focus on special editions.

Know the manufacturer

It’s important to know who made the bears that you are collecting. Some popular teddy bear brands include Clemens Spieltiere, Teddy Hermann, Deans, Gund, Boyd’s, and Steiff, among others.

Determine the age of the bear

The age of your bear can be determined by the materials used, the type of stuffing, and the patterns from which the bear was made. Occasionally, older bears generally have a lot of wear and tear as they were originally a child’s plaything. Still, however, antique bears are sought after collectibles.

Look out for special editions

Brands such as Steiff and Gund have released special edition teddy bears, which are valuable collectible items.

Look out for dressed bears

Some brands of bears are come clothed in miniature outfits. So, you’ll need to consider whether you want to collect bears with or without clothing.

Behind the Glass: Exploring Teddy Bear Museums Worldwide

Do you which that you could take a global tour behind the glass walls of teddy bear museums and explore their treasures? Here are some of the best teddy bear museums in the world that are worth the visit, should you happen to be in the country!

Teddy Bear Museum (Vietnam)

This is one of the biggest bear museums in the world! It includes more than 500 varieties of teddy bears, and they date back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

Teddy Bear Museum (South Korea)

This museum has teddy bears of all kinds! The museum has three different halls and there are many animated teddy bear displays to enjoy.

Dorset Teddy Bear Museum (England)

This museum is open 365 days of the year, and contains over 100 kinds of teddy bears. The museum has existed for around 200 years, and is a great place for families.

Izu Teddy Bear Museum (Japan)

This museum has many English style teddy bears, as well as an animated bear exhibit.

Nasu Teddy Bear Museum (Japan)

The teddy bears in this museum have been curated by 100 teddy bear artists, and teddy bear cultures of different countries are on display.

Teddy Bears

Preserving Your Teddy Bear Collection: Tips and Tricks

Part of taking care of your collection of beloved bears is cleaning them properly. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your bears in tip top shape!

  • Precleaning: Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and find a clean surface to work on. Lay down a towel or cloth if the surface is uneven in any way.
  • Dusting and Surface Cleaning: Use a soft brush or a lint roller to gently remove debris. Be gently and follow the direction of the fur.
  • Spot Cleaning: To spot clean, prepare a solution of water and a drop or two of mild detergent. Dip a soft cloth or sponge into the detergent and then gently clean the affected area.
  • Consider a professional for stubborn stains: If gently cleaning doesn’t remove the stain, consider hiring a professional cleaner, especially for vintage or antique bears.

Use this list of safe cleaning agents to help determine what type of solution to use on various bear materials.

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bears in Pop Culture: The Most Iconic Teddy Bears

There are some teddy bears that have had so much influence that they’ve permanently impacted pop culture. From Pooh bear to Teddy Ruxpin, read on as we uncover seven of the most iconic bears of all time.

Winnie the Pooh

Nearly 100 years old, Winne the Pooh is a character created by A.A. Milne in 1926. Pooh lives in the Hundred Acre Woods, is friends with Christopher Robin, and adores honey.

Rupert Bear

Rupert Bear originated with a 1920 comic strip in the Daily Express. The Adventuress of Rupert Bear was a popular children’s TV series in the 1970s.

Care Bears

A trend in the 1980s, Care Bears originally featured 10 bears, but over the years there have been 30 different, colorful bears.

Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear was introduced in 1958 in a book by Michael Bond titled, “A Bear Called Paddington.” This bear wears an iconic red hat and blue coat. A tv series called The Adventures of Paddington was released in recent years.

Chiltern English

This original bear was introduced in 1915, and has become a classic antique bear. Luckily, many of these bears have been repaired by collectors so that they can be enjoyed for generations to come.


SuperTed started out as a series of books and was later adapted into a cartoon featured on Disney channel.

Teddy Ruxpin

Popular in the 1980s, Teddy Ruxpin had a cassette deck in it’s back and moving eyes and mouth.

Child Playing with Vintage Bears

Teddy Bear History: From Roosevelt to Today’s Treasures

Teddy bears actually originated with a story about President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. In a 1902 hunting trip, Teddy’s friends caught a bear cub, which they tied to a tree. Teddy wouldn’t fire at the bear, saying, “Spare the bear! I will not shoot a tethered animal.” Later, this scene was turned into a political cartoon, and store owners in Brooklyn named Morris and Rose Michtom introduced a stuffed bear called “Teddy’s Bear.” The bear was immensely popular, and the Michtoms soon established the Ideal Novelty and Toy Company.

Around this time in Germany, a man named Richard Steiff designed a soft toy bear for his aunt, who was the owner of a toy factory. George Borgfeldt, a wholesaler from the US, discovered this stuffed bear at the Leipzig Toy Fair in 1903. He loved it and order 3,000 of them. Millions of bears sold in the US, Germany, and England by World War I.

Over the years, many makers have produced a wide variety of bears in all sizes and styles, but they got their start in the early 1900s in America and Germany.

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What Makes an Antique Teddy Bear Valuable?

An antique teddy bear’s value is determine by it’s manufacturer and it’s condition. You can search online auction sites to determine the value of your particular bear.

How Can I Safeguard My Teddy Bear Collection?

Take care of your bears by cleaning them gently, and consider professional help if your bear is antique or vintage.



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