Jason Pollan’s collection of Star Wars action figures and movie posters started on June 12, 1993. His father took him and some friends to see Jurassic Park in theaters. After the movie, they went to the flea market to buy baseball cards. It was there that Jason spotted a wall of carded Star Wars action figures. They were $20 apiece, and Jason only had $20, so he picked out a Princess Leia figure.

The following week, Jason got $20 for his allowance and begged his dad to return to the flea market so he could add to his small collection. Unfortunately, the arrived to discover that all the Star Wars toys had been bought out. Still, Jason held on to his Leia figure. A few years later, eBay arrived on the scene, and Jason started making purchases for his collection. His parents thought he was crazy to conduct these online transactions, but Jason always received exactly what he paid for.

Jason was a collector from the moment he purchased that Leia figurine, but it took years for his collection to take off. Today, his collection is comprised of about 100 Star Wars figurines and nearly 1,000 movie posters, which date back to the 1960s. He originally paid around $100 an item for his Star Wars collection, but he recently researched the value and realized that his collection is worth well over $200,000 today.

Jason’s favorite piece from his collection – besides his original Princess Leia – is his Boba Fett figurine, which was signed by actor Jeremy Bullock a few months before he passed away. Jason is in the process of getting autographs from the rest of the Star Wars cast. “I would love to get Harrison Ford’s signature.”

The Boba Fett figurine in the most valuable action figure in the collection. Of the movie posters, the most valuable is a Harry Potter poster from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which depicts Sirius Black. As you walk past the poster, Sirius disappears. The thick plastic poster was one of six prototypes made for the Harry Potter film, but since they were so expensive the idea was scrapped in favor of a standard paper poster. Jason was able to obtain three of the six posters, and he has since sold two of them for around $20,000 each. He is holding on to the last one, for the time being.

Another interesting item that Jason collects are “movie mylars.” These used to hang above the doorways in movie theaters, but they are no longer in use today, as signage is now digital. These mylars were often thrown away, and they are hard to come by, as theaters haven’t used them in 15 years.

Jason’s action figure collection is all on display in custom-made display cases in his office. The movie posters are all displayed on his office wall, with the remainder being stored carefully in tubes in his office closet. Jason’s 2-year-old daughter, Leia, has shown an interest in his collection. She asks for the names of each character, and she is learning how to identify them. Jason likes to rotate his figures every few months so that she has new figurines at her eye level. This gives her the chance to learn about new characters!

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