The highly recognizable Precious Moments figurines have been treasured vintage collectibles since their inception in the 1970s. They have a very unique and recognizable design that contributes to their popularity as collectible items. While many of them originally sold for prices as low as $15, some of the rare, older, and original figures are selling for a pretty penny on the market today.

Do you have any Precious Moments figurines sitting around your home? Do you consider yourself a Precious Moments collector? These cute little figurines could be quite valuable! In this blog post, we’ll dig into the history of Precious Moments items, what makes them valuable, and how to tell if the figurines are authentic.

What are Precious Moments Figurines and Why Are They Valuable?

Precious Moments figurines were first established by illustrator Samuel Butcher and his business partner, Bill Biel. Butcher and Biel first sold greeting cards at book fairs using the company name Jonathan & David. They soon partnered with Enesco Corp. to sell giftware, which included Precious Moments figurines. Precious Moments figurines are very easy to recognize with their large heads and sweet demeanor.

So what exactly contributes to a Precious Moments figurine’s value? In general, the older Precious Moments figurines are worth more, and their condition plays a big role in their selling price. Limited edition figurines are especially valuable thanks to their rarity.

The “Original 21” set includes the original 21 figurines that were introduced in 1979. Today, these original pieces are highly valuable. For example, one Precious Moments figurine from the collection is called “God Loveth a Cheerful Giver.” This figurine features a blonde child with a hairbow holding a “FREE puppies” sign and standing beside a wheelbarrow of dogs. “God Loveth a Cheerful Giver” originally sold for $15, but today it is worth between $150 and $750 on eBay.

The Most Desirable Precious Moments Figurines

The most desirable Precious Moments figurines are those in the Original 21 collection. These figurines produced quite a buzz when they were first introduced in 1979. Only one of the original figurines, called “Love One Another,” is still available for sale. The original figurines command anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars when sold.

These original 21 figurines include:

  1. Unto Us, A Child Is Born
  2. Jesus Is Born
  3. His Burden Is Light
  4. Come Let Us Adore Him
  5. Love Lifted Me
  6. Jesus Is The Answer
  7. Make A Joyful Noise
  8. Prayer Changes Things
  9. He Leadeth Me
  10. We Have Seen His Star
  11. Jesus Is The Light
  12. Jesus Loves Me (Boy)
  13. Jesus Loves Me (Girl)
  14. Love One Another
  15. God Understands
  16. Smile God Loves You
  17. God Loveth A Cheerful Giver
  18. Love Is Kind
  19. O, How I Love Jesus
  20. He Careth For You
  21. Praise The Lord Anyhow

Another desirable type of Precious Moments figurines are the Disney figurines that were produced starting in 2005. They partnered with Disney to create special Disney-inspired character figurines that are only available in Disney parks. These have also become some of the most valuable figurines, commanding between $100 and $150 each. They are often worth more than the religious-themed figurines.

Tips to Maximize the Value of Your Precious Moments Figurine Collection

If you are collecting valuable Precious Moments figurines, you’ll want to care for your entire collection so that you can maximize its value. Here are some tips to keep your Precious Moments collection in tip-top shape!

Keep them dust-free

Storing your figurines in a curio cabinet or display case can keep them free of dust. If you are storing them on open shelving, be sure to give them a light dusting every so often.

Wash them with warm water and soap

Every so often, give your figurines a gentle, warm bath in some soapy water and dry them with a microfiber cloth.

Prevent breakage

Store your Precious Moments figurines in a safe location to prevent any accidental breakage, which can impact their value. If they do happen to break, you can carefully mend the pieces with special glue.


Are Precious Moments figurines worth anything?

Precious Moments figurines can be quite valuable! The most valuable ones are from the Original 21 set or from the Disney figurines collection. Rarity and condition also impact the value of these vintage collectibles. Limited edition pieces can also command a hefty price tag, as limited editions tend to be rarer.

How can I identify genuine Precious Moments figurines?

One way to identify a genuine Precious Moments figurine is by the production mark on the base. A real figurine is stamped on the base with “Jonathan & David”, the date, and “Lic. Enesco Imports.”


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