The COVID-19 pandemic has kept most of us inside our houses, with very few places to go besides a necessary trip to the grocery store. For many people, this situation means that we have some extra time on our hands.
If you’re a collector who is currently at home, try investing this time into your collection! Here are our best tips for how you can make wise (and safe) moves to improve your collection from the comfort of your home.
Add to Your Collection
USPS released a statement that it is still safe to send items through the mail, as there is no evidence of the coronavirus being transmitted this way. There are also multiple sources sharing that shopping online during this time is okay. This means that you can continue to safely add to your collection online using sites like eBay. As an extra precaution, you could wipe down and sanitize items that you purchase.
Organize Your Collection
You could use this time to further organize your collection by type! You could also invest in some new display materials, such as bins, shelving units, stands, risers, glass cabinets, or storage albums for trading cards and coins. There are plenty of places to order these supplies online, such as Amazon.
Track Your Collection
Having an inventory of your collection is crucial – especially in the event that you have to make a claim. One easy way is to take photographs of each item or a video of your collection, making sure that you capture all markings that authenticate the items. Another way is to catalogue your collection! This could be as simple as creating a spreadsheet that lists each item and its respective value, or there are tools that can help you – especially if your collection is on the larger side. Collectify™ offers extensive cataloguing software and allows you to store receipts and warranties, track auction prices, and email reports. CaptureMyAssets™ offers a complete approach to documenting your collectibles, including an asset management system. And finally, Collector Systems is a cloud-based collectibles management system with unlimited storage.
Value Your Collection
The quickest and least expensive way to value an item in your collection? Check eBay and other auction sites to see what the item is currently selling for. Be sure to look at the completed auctions area, because many items aren’t bid on until the last few minutes of an auction.
You could also search for a collectors club or dealer! An online search will reveal whether there are any local clubs or dealers that specialize in your collectible. Members of clubs can be a great resource, and they may be willing to answer any of your questions for free.
If you can’t find the value of your collectible on eBay or through local clubs or dealers, you can have it appraised from the comfort of your home using an online appraisal company such as Value My Stuff™. This company has a team of experts who have worked for leading auction houses. After you upload photographs and details about your item, they will email you a PDF report and online certificate detailing the history and value of your item – all within 48 hours.
We hope that these tips help you stay safely occupied during this time! We wish you and your family good health, and we remain ready to assist you. Contact our collectibles insurance experts today with any questions!

About Collectibles Insurance Services

Collectibles Insurance Services has been protecting collections since 1966 and all coverage is provided by a carrier with a group rating of “A” (Excellent) by AM Best, the leading rating agency for the insurance industry.

Comprehensive coverage includes, but is not limited to: accidental breakage, burglary, fire, flood, loss in the mail, theft, natural disasters, and other causes of loss unless specifically excluded from the policy. Deductibles start at $0 for collector policies and we provide coverage for the market value of your collection for losses in excess of $50.

Additionally the protection extends At home and away, and we don't require collection itemization and serial number nor extensive paperwork and red tape.