When the holidays approach, many parents are frantic to get their hands on the hottest toys of the season before they are all gone, in an effort to make their child’s experience happy and memorable. But others have a different goal in mind when seeking to snatch up this holiday season’s popular offerings: collectible value.
That’s because many hot holiday toys of the past have become some of the biggest and most valuable collectible toys in the years to come. It’s no secret that the old line of Star Wars action figures is highly collectible, as are many other action figures.
Some of the hard-to-find Beanie Babies also command respectable value, and various discontinued American Girl dolls are also quite valuable. Furbys, the Nintendo Game Boy, Cabbage Patch Kids, and Teddy Ruxpin are also hot collectibles. And who would have thought that the unwholesome Garbage Pail Kids cards would be fetching thousands of dollars today?
Top 2019 Holiday Toys
Will any of the holiday toys of 2019 also become collectibles in the future? Some of the toys on the hot list for boys and girls this year include Blume Dolls, Linkimals, Artie 3000 The Coding Robot, Hatching Toothless, Hatchimals, and SNAPSTAR Dolls. Among other toys attracting attention are Nintendo Switch, Baby Shark, JoJo Siwa, Funko Pop, and Paw Patrol. Will any of these end up being collectible, and how can you tell?
What Makes a Toy Collectible?
A toy that is fetching high prices soon after it is released is not necessarily a collectible—it is simply generating prices to coincide with the high demand. However, a toy that becomes rare over time, but is still in high demand, becomes collectible. A toy can become collectible for quite a few reasons—people covet them because they invoke memories of childhood or feelings of nostalgia. Or sometimes, they become collectible simply because they are hard to find, and it becomes a bragging right to have one.
On a side note, it is probably a good idea not to fall for the hype of toys marketed as collectible right from the start—these rarely retain any value after the initial excitement of the release dies down.
What to Get This Holiday Shopping Season?
Wondering which toys to get this holiday season to add to your collectibles? If you’re an experienced collector, you may already have a good idea of which 2019 toys are likely to increase in value in the future. Maybe it’s a line of action figures that aren’t even on the hot list. Regardless of what you’ve got your eye on, you likely also know the importance of keeping any new toys, as well as toys already in your collection, in good condition.
After all, the toy isn’t likely to retain its value if it’s been beat up, worn, moldy, or in shoddy condition after being tossed in a corner of the attic for 10 years. (All those busted and discarded toys is what makes the existing ones so collectible anyway!)
But even when you take all precautions to keep your toys, action figures, and other collectibles in good condition and storage, accidents still occur. Fires, floods, or other incidents can unfortunately reduce your valuable collection to worthless remnants. That’s why so many collectors utilize Collectibles Insurance Services to provide coverage for their rare treasures.
For peace of mind this holiday season, don’t let the Grinch find a way to ruin your holidays—or your collection. Get proper insurance coverage for your toys, action figures, comic books, stamps, knife and gun collections, and many other collectibles, by contacting Collectibles Insurance Services for a free quote.

About Collectibles Insurance Services

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