Whether you’ve been collecting and playing Magic: The Gathering since the release of the very first edition, or if you’ll soon be picking up the new Core Set 2020, you know that there’s something special about these sets of cards. In addition to the unique and beautiful artwork featured on each card, and the countless hours of enjoyment you get from playing the game, there’s also a monetary value inherent in Magic: The Gathering.
You might already be active in the card collecting arena and have a pretty decent collection of rare cards – perhaps you took great delight in winning a bidding war on eBay for the Sol Ring card. Or maybe you were lucky enough to score Mishra’s Workshop way back when you first started purchasing Magic: The Gathering.
But no matter how much mana you’ve got in your most powerful deck, it’s not enough to protect your cards and other valuable collectibles in the event of a natural disaster. In real life, there’s no counterspell you can cast to reverse the damaging effects of a fire, flood, or other cruel act of nature with the devious mission to destroy your most prized possessions.
Homeowners Insurance is Like the Crazed Goblin Card
At first, homeowners insurance sounds like a suitable protector for your valuables—­­after all, it’s supposed to provide coverage for everything in your home, right?
Unfortunately, if an incident occurs, you’ll quickly discover that homeowners insurance, just like the Crazed Goblin, doesn’t fare so well when it comes to providing proper coverage for your valuable Magic: The Gathering cards and collectibles.
That’s because homeowners insurance typically only offers the base cash value for collectible items, and not the current market value. Additionally, there might even be a limit on coverage, and certain losses may not be covered at all. So, just like the game, if you want to win you must master the rules.
Collectible Insurance Services is Your Platinum Angel of Coverage
For proper insurance coverage for you most valuable collectibles, including Magic: The Gathering cards, you should check out Collectible Insurance Services. An insurance agency started by a collector, and founded specifically to provide coverage for toys, comics, stamps, sports cards, guns, knives, and many other types of collectible memorabilia. Collectible Insurance Services doesn’t offer a magic spell that will keep your valuables safe—but you can at least rest assured that you’ll be compensated for the loss of your rare treasures should the unfortunate ever occur.
After all, over the years, the value of many Magic: The Gathering cards has risen significantly, and you could be lucky enough to find some future rare and valuable cards in the Commander 2019 and Core Set 2020 editions.
Collectible Insurance Services can also help you with sources to appraise many of your collectibles and treasures, so you can determine the true value of your collection, or even just individual items. Maybe you’ve still got your old cards just sitting in a box somewhere, or some comics you aren’t sure are worth anything. But they could prove to be valuable, and if so, insuring them is vitally important.
To ensure that you’ll be covered for the true value of your Magic: The Gathering cards and other valuable sets of collectibles, get a quote from Collectible Insurance Services today. You’ll quickly realize that obtaining an insurance policy that you can count on for your rare treasures is something akin to, well, magic.
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About Collectibles Insurance Services

Collectibles Insurance Services has been protecting collections since 1966 and all coverage is provided by a carrier with a group rating of “A” (Excellent) by AM Best, the leading rating agency for the insurance industry.

Comprehensive coverage includes, but is not limited to: accidental breakage, burglary, fire, flood, loss in the mail, theft, natural disasters, and other causes of loss unless specifically excluded from the policy. Deductibles start at $0 for collector policies and we provide coverage for the market value of your collection for losses in excess of $50.

Additionally the protection extends At home and away, and we don't require collection itemization and serial number nor extensive paperwork and red tape.