“I didn’t mean to collect over four bookcases of Sailor Moon, but here we are…”
Sarah Forde’s love for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon began in high school. “I managed to scrap together enough money to buy the comic books, and I used to record the TV episodes on VHS tapes,” she shares.
After college, Sarah began working full-time while selling her artwork online. The majority of her collection was built between 2006 and 2021. It started with DVD box sets and dolls, and has grown to include over 600 licensed items.
The series is experiencing a revival with its 25th anniversary, a new animated series, and stage musicals in Japan. Some of the items in this collection were purchased in Japan in 2014, a trip that Sarah describes as her, “greatest Sailor Moon experience!” She had the opportunity to meet other collectors and fans – all while doing a lot of shopping! “Most of these friends are people I’ve known online for years, so it was really incredible to hang out with them and share our love of Sailor Moon.”
In recent years, Sailor Moon collectibles have been in strong supply. “There’s been an avalanche of new merchandise coming out in the USA and Japan,” Sarah explains. “It’s been challenging to keep up with the new stuff while also keeping an eye on collecting the vintage merchandise. The prices for the older items have also skyrocketed! This means a lot of my wish list items are unaffordable for me right now, but I’m in it for the long run, so I’m hopeful.”
After giving birth to her daughter in 2014, Sarah has been less focused on merchandise news. “Though I don’t have as much time and money to dedicate to my hobby, I love waking up every day to my sparkling, shiny collection!”

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