The Art of Collecting Coca-Cola Memorabilia

Whether you’re an avid Coca-Cola collector or are just looking to start your Coca-Cola collection, you’ll realize there are not a lot of places to find memorabilia. But did you know places like sporting events, antique shops, and flea markets may be the perfect spot? According to Sarah Kieffer, owner of the antique store called Sarah’s Uniques, “I always try to have Coca-Cola items in the shop since I seem to have all age groups interested, and older folks remember sitting at the soda fountain having a cherry Coke. The younger generation has grown up as well with Coca-Cola surrounding them. Seems with the nostalgia, the availability, the diversity, and the fact that there’s so much still around today it’s a great collection to start to have, or to continue to grow with.” Learn more here.