Request a Change - Types of Inventory

Policy Information

Add/Remove Types of Inventory to/from the policy

If your types of inventory change results in the need for a higher or lower policy limit, the Policy Limits of Insurance form must also be completed upon submitting this form.

A new application/policy is required when adding:

  • general collectibles to a stamp/philatelic items or guns/knives/edged weapons policy
  • stamps/philatelic items to a general collectibles or guns/knives/edged weapons policy
  • guns/knives/edged weapons to a stamp/philatelic items or general collectibles policy

Please note that no coverage will be bound and no changes made on any policy without a written "Confirmation of Insurance", Binder, Endorsement or Reinstatement from Collectibles Insurance Services. Coverage cannot be assumed if you do not receive one of the aforementioned notices.